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MIR VALVE is a manufacturer of API 6D and API 6A ball, gate and swing check valves, standard and engineered products for the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industry. We compete against the established manufacturers for the engineered products. Given our technology, manufacturing and project management history for complex jobs, we are proven with our exemplary track record of our products in service.


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MIR VALVE was founded by Stasi Prandalos; back in January 2006, he had the vision to bring Italian technology, manufacturing to European standards, creating a worldclass ball and gate valve manufacturer with the HQ and plant in Kuala Lumpur. He had already been living in Malaysia for 15 years working in the oil and gas sector managing the Asia Pacific region and had seen Malaysia turn into a booming regional hub.

His focus was to manage the customers in Asia-Pacific and progressively go global, ensuring a higher level of service, commitment and support that would differentiate us from all other European manufacturers. His reason not to be in Italy was simply because there were 54 existing ball and gate valve manufacturers, to be no.55 offered no added value, no benefit or excitement to the market or to our customers. From this point onwards, he worked evenings and weekends, compiling the business plan which he completed in June 2007. The task then was to hit the road and pitch to investors to raise the seed capital, which he successfully achieved and started to build the company, commencing 1st of August 2007. This has been a hugely successful strategy for us having seen our company grow to where we are today as an established brand, active in over 30 markets worldwide. 


Pictured: Stasi Prandalos, Founder & CEO with the first valve at our plant in 2008.



MIR VALVE is an established top-tier manufacturer in over 30 markets worldwide. A lot of work has gone into our branding and logo to ensure we are percieved by the market as a top-tier brand, thereby differentiating us from our competitiors in the Asia Pacific region where we are located. Our marketing tools and branding strategies have been formulated to ensure MIR VALVE is recognized as a reliable, proven and technology-driven company, by our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. 


The green color is our corporate color and is inspired by the Greek olive, a symbol of peace in ancient Greece.The logo has the shape of a heart, since the valve is at the heart of the plant: if the valve works well, so will the plant. The logo is intellectual property of MIR VALVE and is registered in the international markets.


When our customers see, hear or procure from MIR VALVE, we want them to immediately connect both our company and products with reliability, integrity, proven in service, top-tier quality and technology-driven. 


The origins of our technology is 100% Italian.
Today, we have the know-how, technology, engineering systems and procedures to design and release for manufacture the complete range of ball and gate valve products API 6D / API 6DSS / API 6A / API 17D to meet all our customers applications whether subsea, offshore and onshore.

Our engineering department is fully integrated into our ERP system therefore is entirely process-driven.

Our technology covers:

> Standard and engineered products
> 100% in-house design team
> SolidWorks 3D
> Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using ANSYS software
> R&D programmes
> Partnering with suppliers to develop new component technologies
> Stress calculation engineering in-house


TO BE A WORLD-CLASS MANUFACTURER - To serve the global Oil & Gas industry offering a level of service and commitment that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations.Being world-class takes years, and we believe we have earned our status, given our exemplary record of quality valve products operating successfully over many years now. Our relentless pursuit of quality and excellence is ingrained in our culture and methodology. 

TO CREATE SOCIO-ECONOMIC VALUE- MIR VALVE is the 1st valve manufacturer in Malaysia, pioneering and growing an industry that did not exist here before. We have created socio-economic value through employment opportunities, investment in our local industry and development of our domestic supply chain. We employ 140 people directly and work together with over 65 SME’s who form an integral part of our supply chain in Malaysia helping them to grow whilst adhering to our specifications and standards. Our company recognizes the central role that business plays in society, by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life locally and regionally as well as supporting the communities we are part of.

TO DEVELOP AND REWARD OUR PEOPLE - MIR VALVE provides its employees with an environment that stimulates diversity, innovation, teamwork, continuous learning and improvement and rewards individual performance. We develop our people to ensure their reward is aligned to our financial performance and realized shareholder returns.

TO GROW PROFITABLY - To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable, solid cashflow, sales growth, increasing value for our shareholders to ensure we continuously re-invest to do all the good things one wants to do with their company: reward, buy new businesses, develop new technologies, expand, develop new product lines, innovate, upgrade equipment and systems. 

TO CREATE VALUE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS - Our business model is built around service, that we believe differentiates us from all others; today, our customers demand on-time deliveries and documentation, timely and accurate response to their questions, contracts and inquiries, top-tier quality products, full compliance to their specifications and a 24/7 after-market field service team. We work every day to achieve these goals and know that sustaining this creates tremendous value and goodwill with all our customers. 


Our vision is to be a respected manufacturer, creating sustained value and goodwill for our customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees.


MIR VALVE aspires to be recognized as a process-driven manufacturer that delivers world-class, technology-driven quality products on time, through its relentless committment to continuous quality, continued investment, customer focus and alignment with the global market dynamics.


> Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty

> Pursuit of Excellence

> Respect all people, culture and races

> Think big, aim high and go for it

> Making a difference in people's lives

> Passion

> No energy, no life - Know energy, know life

> Love what you do

> DE Factor (Discipline and Energy)

> Continuous quality, safety and compliance improvement processes

> Committment

> Never give up