MIR VALVE has extensive testing capability to meet all API 6D / 6DSS / 6A / 17D standards as well as any additional tests required by customers for both production tests and design validation tests. 


Standard tests (depending on valve spec) are: hydrostatic body and seat test, low pressure air seat test, functional test, anti-static device test, back seat test.


Additional tests are usually performed upon customer request based on their specifications; such tests are: Torque Test, Endurance Test, Drift Tool Test, DIB test, DB&B Test, High Pressure Gas Test, Fugitive Emission Test, Low Temperature Test, TAT Test, Firesafe Test, Hyperbaric Test, Submerged Water Test or others as per customer requirements. 


For API 6A/17D valves we also perform PR2 tests or validation test for API 17D.


We have invested heavily in our R&D and testing capability particularly for our engineered products. We have done all the firesafe testing in house, as well as TAT testing for Shell Prequalification and are now developing our cryogenic testing facilities.


Our plant has 7 test benches able to test from ½” up to 42” valves, covering the full pressure range of API 6D (CL.150-2500)  and API 6A (API 2.000 -15.000).  Test benches are equipped with both hydro and gas booster pumps providing the ability to provide a series of tests in just one set up. For valves larger than 42”, we test using blind flanges, weld on test flanges or capped pups.


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