Sr. Manager Contracts

Arjunesh Deenadayalan is our Senior Manager for Contracts Department with 13 years of experience in Project Management accomplishments. He joined MIR VALVE in 2015 setting up his footprint in the Contracts Department and managed many major successful contracts with profits and build positive rapport with customers from Asia & Middle East regions.

He graduated in 2010  from Anna University India with Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and he pursued his post graduate degree in Air Transport Management at Buckinghamshire University, UK. 

As a Senior Manager for our Contracts department, he is responsible to manage-support-lead the entire project execution team based in Malaysia. Along with his capabilities and achievements, he has established a unique Contracts Execution system routine thru the ERP system, specific to project mobilization, engineering and design optimization, procurement and supply chain consolidation, cost control negotiation on variation orders, statistical risk and gap analysis.
Since 2019 he is also part of MIR VALVE Management Team and he has contributed with his record proven achievements of commercial negotiations in payment terms and financial collection on successful contract executions to date.