Inside Sales Manager

Zabidi Ahmad is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with 11 years experience in sales. He is a home-grown talent, having joined MIR VALVE in 2008 as an Inside Sales Engineer. Over the years, he has worked on very high profile complex tenders for projects in subsea, HIPPS, ESDV, scope for entire platforms, metal seated ESDV packages and many other tenders all over the world.  His hard work, dedication and consistent performance has gradually over the years seen him being promoted to his current senior position as our Head of Inside Sales.

Zabidi is not only managing our Inside Sales Team responsible for processing all inquiries and tender clarifications, order entries and participating in our internal Project Mobilization meeting bids once a PO is awarded to us, he also attends to customer meetings and ensures our bid process meets the timelines set by our customers for all tenders. This position is critical and very important to us as Zabidi is the main link that our global sales managers work thru to ensure their Inquiries are all being worked on.

His experience, product knowledge, applications, costing, customers and global markets has elevated him to a key position within the MIR VALVE management team.